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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *ser-
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: to hurry, to flow, to attack
Old Indian: sísarti, sárati, fut. sariṣyáti, ptc. sr̥tá- `to run, flow, speed, glide, move'; sirā́ f. `stream, water', sarít f. `river, stream', sarirá- n. `heaving sea, flood', salilá- `flowing, surging, unsteady', sasrá- `flowing, streaming'; sárma- m. `going, running, flowing', sará- `fluid, liquid; going, moving'
Old Greek: hormǟ́ `Anlauf, Angriff, Ansturm, Aufbruch, Streben'
Baltic: *sir̂- (1) vb. tr./intr.
Celtic: *serw- > MIr serb `Raub, Frevel'; Cymr herw `Landstreicherei, Räuberei'
Russ. meaning: бежать, течь, нападать
References: WP II 497 f
Comments: [Probably two roots]

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