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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *k'el-
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: cover; to cover
Old Indian: śáras- n. `cream, film on boiled milk', śaraṇá- `protecting, guarding, defending', n. `shelter, abode', śárman- n. `shelter, protection, safety'; śā́lā f. `house, mansion, hall'
Old Greek: {kaltǟ́ `Hütte, Scheune, Nest' - not found!}; hom. koleó-n n., att. koleó-s m.`Schwertscheide, Scheide'
Germanic: *xil-a- vb., *xul-ja- vb., *xul-ō f., *xul-ís-ō(n-) f., *xil-m-a- m.
Latin: occulō, -ere, -uī, -ltum `verdecken, verbergen'; clam `verhohlen, heimlich, insgeheim'; calim "antiqui dicebant pro clam" (Paul. Fest. 47); cēlāre `verhehlen, verbergen, verheimlichen', color (OLat colōs), -ōris m. `Farbe, Gesichtsfarbe'
Celtic: OIr celim `verberge'; cuile `Keller, Magazin; Küche', MIrr cul `Schutz', culaid `Hülle'; colum, pl. dat. colomnaib `skin, hide', cuilche `Mantel'; Cymr celu `verbergen'
Russ. meaning: оболочка, покров; покрывать
References: WP I 432 f

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