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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *aw- <PIH *HauHo-s>
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: grandfather; oncle (mother's brother)
Hittite: huhha- c. (Tischler 260ff)
Tokharian: B āwe 'grandfather' (Adams 56)
Armenian: hav, gen. havu `Grossvater'
Old Greek: ? ái̯ă f. `Erde' (? < `Mutter'), Cyren. áia = hüpò Kürēnaíōn tēthìs kài maîa' EM 27:24
Slavic: *ūjь `Oheim'
Baltic: *aw-a- m., *aw-ā̂ f., *aw-ī̂n-a-
Germanic: *aw-ōn- f.; *aw-an- m.; *aw-un xaim-a-z
Latin: avus, -ī m. `Grossvater, Ahn'
Celtic: OIr haue, aue `nepos', MIr ōa, ua `nepos'; Cymr ewythr `Oheim', OCorn euitor `Oheim', Bret eontr `Oheim'
Russ. meaning: дед, дядя (брат матери)
References: WP I 20 f

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