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Borean (approx.) : CVKV
Meaning : to see, know
Eurasiatic : *šVḳV ( ~ *ć`w-)
Afroasiatic : Sem. *škħ- 'find', ECush. *sag-/*sog- 'predict'; Sem. *ŝkw/y 'look, expect'
Sino-Caucasian : *ćV[q]V ( ~ ć̣-, č-, č̣-) ?
Austric : PAA *sa:k / *cɔ:k 'look for', Tai zak, Lao sok 'ask'
African (misc.) : Bantu *-càk- 'search for, desire'.
Notes : Here Ain. siki 'eye'? In SC cf. also PST *sɨāk 'search, demand'.
Reference : ND 2030, 2191.

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