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Borean (approx.) : MVNCV
Meaning : luminary
Eurasiatic : *mVnʒ́V
Afroasiatic : ? Chad. *mVš- 'morning', 2d part of Sem. *ŝVmVš- 'sun'?
Sino-Caucasian : *wǝ̆́mc̣ŏ
Austric : ? PAA *mɔŋ(s) ( > OC *maŋs) 'moon, month'
Amerind (misc.) : *meca 'star' (R 689) [+ K] (cf. also Uto-Azt. *meca 'moon, month' R 710)
African (misc.) : Banto *-mụ̀nik- 'shine'.
Reference : ND 1520 (SH-Kartv.).

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