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Proto-Inupik: *ạlʁa-
Eskimo etymology: Eskimo etymology
Meaning: other of a pair 1, a long time ago 2
Russian meaning: другой (из пары) 1, давно, в то время 2
SPI Dialects: W alʁaʁa*, KI aɫʁaʁa* 'to snatch sth. away'
North Alaskan Inupik: alʁa(i) 1, alʁāni loc. 2
NAI Dialects: B aʎʁāni* loc. 2
WCI Dialects: Cor, M aʎʁāni* loc. 2, Cop alʁaiɣit 'their eqivalent', 1 [Met.], Utku alʁā 'two' [Ras.], Car Baker Lake alʁāk 'two' [Dor.], alʁāni 'last year', alʁāɣu 'next year' [Pryde]
Eastern Canadian Inupik: aʁʁani loc. 'last year', aʁʁāɣu 'next year'
Greenlandic Inupik: aʁɫa(ʁ)- 'one of them', ardlâgut* 'earlier time from ardlaq*' [Jen.], aʁɫānisaq 'land animal in its second year', aʁɫaɫɫit pl. 'several'
GRI Dialects: NG aʁlāni loc. 'last year', aʁlāɣu 'next year', EG aʁtaʁaʁtit pl. 'several', WG aʁɫāɣut 'at an earlier time'
Comparative Eskimo Dictionary: 17

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