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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *mē-[l-]
Meaning : excellent; high
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil :
Tamil meaning : excellence
Tamil derivates : mēkku height, high place, superiority; west; mē-taku to be eminent; mē-takai, mē-takavu excellence, eminence, greatness; mēntalai eminence, excellence; mēm-paṭu to rise high, be great; mēl that which is over or above, extra; sky, west, head, leadership, superiority, excellence; that which comes after; more, more than; before, previously; mēlimai excellence; mēlukku on the outer side, extremity; mēlai upper, western, etc.; mēlōr those who are seated high, as on horses; the great, those of superior rank or caste; mēr_ku west; mēn_mai greatness, eminence, excellence, dignity, superiority
Malayalam :
Malayalam meaning : over
Malayalam derivates : mēn what is above, superiority, excellence; mēnavan a superior (title of Śūdra writers); mēŋkai authority; mēnma excellence, superiority; mēl what is above, surface; mēlan, mēlavan a superior; mēlē upwards; mērkku westward
Kannada :
Kannada meaning : that which is above, etc.
Kannada derivates : mēgu (obl. mēgaṇ-), mēge the upper side, surface, etc.; mēgana upwardly; mēṃ- upper; mēṇ what is above; upwards, further, and, besides; mēl(u), mēla, mēle that which is above, the top, upper part, surface, that which is high, high, superior, lofty, that which is good or excellent, that which is to come, future, afterwards; mēludu upper garment
Kodagu : mē māḍi
Kodagu meaning : top story
Kodagu derivates : mēŋ gay back of hand; mēŋ gālɨ top part of foot; meppuṇi higher level in a field
Tulu : mēlụ
Tulu meaning : upper part of anything; superiority, excellence; futurity; upper, higher, superior, future; afterwards
Tulu derivates : mēlāra superficial, upper
Proto-Nilgiri : *mē[l]-
Notes : The final -l- has normally to be considered as a suffix, albeit dating back to PDR, as it is also met in Telugu and CDR. However, if the root is indeed related to Altaic *meĺa 'head', it is not excluded that *mē- and *mēl- are in fact two contaminated roots.
Number in DED : 5086

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