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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *mur_-i-
Meaning : to break
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : mur_i (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to break, give way as a branch, be defeated, discomfited, perish, cease to exist
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to break (as a stick), cut, discontinue; n. piece, half, broken half of coconut, piece of cloth, deed, written bond, ola receipt, part of village or town, room; mur_iccal breaking, indigence, want; mur_ippu antidote, estrangement, breach of friendship; mur_iyal breaking; mur_ivu id., breach, rupture, fracture, enmity; antidote; mur_ukku (mur_ukki-) to break
Malayalam : mur_i
Malayalam meaning : fragment, piece of cloth, room, chamber, apartment, parish, hamlet, a note, bond
Malayalam derivates : mur_ikka to break, cut, wound, decide, settle; mur_iccal breach; mur_ippikka to cause to cut down; mur_iyan cutting; mur_iyuka to break through or in pieces, be wounded, be decided, curdle as milk; mur_ivu breach, wound; mūr_uka to cut up vegetables
Kannada : mur_i
Kannada meaning : to occasion a flaw in a thing by bending it, sever by fracture, break, break off as leaves, fruits, etc., crush, break down, defeat, rout, destroy, break up, put an end to, do away; break (intr.), become weakened in constitution, lose strength, be impaired; n. fragment, piece, broken or torn-off particle, state of being broken, broken off, etc.
Kannada derivates : mur_ige, mur_uyuvike breaking, etc.; mur_ivu crushing, destruction; mur_isu to cause to break, cause to crush, get changed as large money into smaller; mur_uka, mur_aka man who breaks or ruins, maimed man, imbecile; mur_ukatana breaking, ruining; mur_uku fragment, bit (as of bread); mur_uva, mur_ava a maimed, imbecile wretch
Tulu : mudipuni, mudupuni
Tulu meaning : to pluck out
Tulu derivates : muyipuni to pluck off
Number in DED : 5008

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