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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *min_-, *mīn-
Meaning : to flash, shine; star
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : min_
Tamil meaning : flash, glitter, lightning
Tamil derivates : min_min_i firefly; min_n_u (min_n_i-) to emit lightning, shine, glitter; min_n_al lightning; bright coin; min_uŋku (min_uŋki-) to glitter, shine, appear bright; min_ukku (min_ukki-) to polish, brighten, beautify, make a display; min_ukkam, min_ukkal polish, brightness, excellence, showiness, show; mīn_ star
Malayalam : minnuka
Malayalam meaning : to flash, shine
Malayalam derivates : minnal lightning; minni shining; a gem in ear-rings; minnikka to cause to flash or shine; minnu lightning; minukka to be fine, glitter; minukkuka to polish, varnish, make glitter; minukkam shining, polish; minuŋŋuka to glitter; minuppu sparkling; mīn star
Kannada : miṇa
Kannada meaning : glittering, sparkling
Kannada derivates : miṇaku, miṇuku to glitter; n. glitter; minu, mini sparkling, shining; minuku, minugu to shine, glitter; n. lustre, etc.; miñcu to shine, be bright, sparkle, glitter, flash, lighten; n. shine, lustre, brightness, glitter, lightning; mīn star
Kodagu : minn- (minni-)
Kodagu meaning : to lighten, flicker
Tulu : miṇimiṇi
Tulu meaning : twinkling, glistening, dimly shining
Tulu derivates : meṇụ glitter, sparkle; miṇuku, meṇakụ, meṇuku sparkling; miṇ(u)kuni, meṇ(ụ)kuni, minukuni, meñcuni, miñcuni to shine, sparkle, glitter; meñci brightness, lightning; (B-K) meṇkoḷi, menkōri glowworm
Proto-Nilgiri : *minc-, *mīn
Notes : The forms *min_- 'to shine' and *mīn- 'star' are actually independent from one another (both go back to at least PDR).
Number in DED : 4876

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