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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *ganḍ-
Meaning : man, male; hero
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kaṇṭan_
Tamil meaning : warrior, husband
Tamil derivates : kaṇṭi buffalo bull; kaṇavan_ husband; keṇṭan_ robust, stout man; kiṇṭan_ fat man, strong person
Malayalam : kaṇṭan
Malayalam meaning : the male, esp. of cat
Malayalam derivates : kaṇavan husband; kiṇṭan big; a stout, bulky fellow; kiṇṭappan a stout and robust person
Kannada : gaṇḍu
Kannada meaning : strength, manliness, bravery; the male sex, a male, man
Kannada derivates : gaṇḍa a strong, manly male person, a husband; strength, greatness; gaṇḍasa, gaṇḍasu, gaṇḍusa, gaṇḍusu male person; gaṇḍike prowess; gaṇḍiga a valiant man; (Hav.) geṇḍã husband; geṇḍu male
Kodagu : kaṇḍë
Kodagu meaning : male (of dogs and other animals, mostly wild; not of cats)
Tulu : gaṇḍu
Tulu meaning : male, valiant, stout
Tulu derivates : gaṇḍusu husband; gaṇḍụkāyi, gaṇḍụstana, gaṇḍastana manliness; garṇḍāḷụ a stalwart man, giant; kaṇḍaṇi, kaṇḍaṇye husband; gaṇṭè, gaṇṭapuccè male cat; (Bhattacharya, brahmin dial.) kaṇṭe id.
Proto-Nilgiri : *gaṇḍ-
Number in DED : 1173

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