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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *Ij-a-
Meaning : possible; to agree
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : iyal (iyalv-, iyan_r_-; iyali-)
Tamil meaning : to be possible, befall, be associated with; accept, agree to, approach, resemble; n. fitness, good conduct, likeness, nature, quality
Tamil derivates : iyalpu nature, proper behaviour, goodness, propriety; iyalvu nature, means of attaining; iyar_r_u (iyar_r_i-) to do, effect, cause to act, control the movements of, create, compose; iyar_r_i, iyar_r_al effort; iyar_kai nature, custom; iyai (-v-, -nt-) to be agreeable, agree, harmonize, resemble; (-pp-, -tt-) to join, connect, adapt; iyaipu union, harmony, appropriateness; iyaivu union, joining together; icai (-v-, -nt-) to fit in (as one plank with another), harmonize, consent, agree; (-pp-, -tt-) to bind, resemble; n. union, harmony; icaippu combination, joining so as to fit in, joint; icaivu agreement, consent, suitability
Malayalam : iyaluka
Malayalam meaning : to agree, go fairly, be proper
Malayalam derivates : iyal what is proper; nature, condition; strength, power; iyar_r_uka to cause, induce; ikar_r_uka to cause, effect; iyappu joint, joining together; iyayuka to be agreeable, harmonise; iyaykkuka to join (tr.); iśayuka to agree, join together; iśaykkuka to join (tr.); iśal style, what is proper
Kannada : īlu
Kannada meaning : attachment, as that of animals to men, of children to parents
Kannada derivates : esagu to engage in, undertake, commence, do, make, perform; (PBh.) esaka action, deed, work
Tulu : iyaruni, iyavuni
Tulu meaning : to be sufficient
Number in DED : 0471

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