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Пракуи-куви: *a/*ā
Значение: that (remote)
Куи: a- "that over there"
Куви (Фитцджеральд): ā "that most remote"
Комментарии: There are four main deictic stems in PK: *a-, *i-, *e-, *u-. Of these, *i- is the simplest of all: it is preserved in all the main sources of data (that is, Kui, Kuwi_F and Kuwi_S) and always means 'this'. As for the other ones, all three were preserved in Kui where they seem to retain their original functions: e- as 'that nearer', a- as 'that further' and o- (from *u-) as 'that at the greatest distance'. In Kuwi_F *e- was lost, and the other two shifted meanings: u- 'that intermediate', a- 'that farthest'. In Kuwi_S, instead, *a- was lost, but the other two forms were left intact.
Номер по DED: 1

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