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Nilgiri etymology :

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Proto-Nilgiri : *i-
Meaning : near the speaker
South Dravidian etymology: South Dravidian etymology
Kota : i- "near the speaker (in ivḷ, ivr, id this man, woman, etc.)"
Toda : i- "same meaning as in Kota"
Additional forms : Also Kota adj. i; ī this place; īk to this place; ītr from this place; iōn, iōḷ, iōr, īd this man, woman, etc.; ijn hence; it_ this direction; it_āk a little this way; it_ltr from this direction; itervī in this neighbourhood; iḷy now; iḷyōn, iḷyōḷ, iḷyōr, iḷyd this man, woman, etc., now; ilā lo here!; inm (obl. int-) like this, this fashion, this amount; intk to this extent; inān/inōn, inōḷ, inōr, ind such an important man, woman, etc., as this; inā, ininā adj. such and such (as this); intā so great, such and such; īpāṭy so big as this; intal so many as this; inmūṛ like this; idejn from this time on; ināk by now; indēl this last night, yesterday night; this coming night (cf. andēl evening); Toda (obl. in-) this person or thing; pl. iɵām; adj. i; iɵɨd because of this; iɵī like this; it_ in this direction; it_ɨk a little in this direction; il in this place, here; it_s_n, is_n from this direction; ɨtfok now; ɨt this many; ɨtk this much; ɨtks_ at this distance; ɨtɨtk only so much as this; ɨtōf such as this; ɨ(g) gɨs in this manner; ɨs_ ɨn- (ɨd_-) to say like this; ? to have a refreshing feeling; ɨs_ym exactly; īnk to this place; īnār_ towards here, by this road; ? ɨty few, small in quantity; īṇy now; ītoṭ this bank (for possible analysis, cf. 1); i mun nōṛ this world, the world of the living (cf. 1)
Notes : For PN derivatives see PN *a-.
Number in DED : 410

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