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Gondwan etymology :

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Proto-Gondi-Kui : *a-
Meaning : that (over there)
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Proto-Gondi : *ō-nR (pl. *ō-ṛ)
Konda : vānr_u (obl. vani-)
Proto-Pengo-Manda : *a-
Proto-Kui-Kuwi : *a/*ā
Notes : This deictic base had the following declineable forms in PGn: *aw-ant_[-u] (whence Gondi *ōn-R, Konda vānr_u with a metathese, etc.) 'that man', plural *aw-ar[-u] 'those men'; fem. *a-d-i (PK *ādi by analogy with masculine forms), plural *a-v-i. Also reconstructed for the PGn level is *a-c- 'that many, that much' (PG, PPM, PK); *a-tal 'that side' (Konda, PK, possibly Gondi); *a-mb-/*a-b- 'there' (Konda, PPM, PK). An enormous number of derivatives has been formed independently in different languages (which is characteristic of all deictic bases).

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