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North Caucasian etymology :

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Proto-North Caucasian: *=iG_wĂr
Sino-Caucasian etymology: Sino-Caucasian etymology
Meaning: dry, to dry
Proto-Nakh: *=aq̇-
Proto-Avaro-Andian: *=iq̇:ʷV-
Proto-Tsezian: *qoqV- A
Proto-Lak: q̇a-q̇-
Proto-Dargwa: *=erʁʷV-
Proto-Lezghian: *ʔiq̇:ʷar-
Proto-Khinalug: q̇i
Proto-West Caucasian: *ʁʷV
Notes: A very stable common NC root; reflected in most languages as both a verbal and adjectival stem. Cf. also the nominal derivate *r-iG_wV / *G_wVrV 'draught' (PD *deʁʷ > Ak. deʁ, Chir. deʁʷ, Ur. diw, PTs > Gunz. (Nakh.) qor). Note a frequent use of the reduplicated stem *G_wiGwVr- (in PA, PC, Lak.). See Абдоков 1983, 144-145.

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