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Avar-Andian etymology :

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Protoform: *w-ošo, *j-oši
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: 1 son 2 daughter
Avar: w-as 1, j-as 2
Chadakolob: wáša 1,jáša 2
Andian language: wošo 1, joši 2
Akhvakh: waša 1, jaše 2
Chamalal: waha 1, jah 2
Tindi: waha 1, jaha 2
Karata: waša 1, jaše 2
Botlikh: waša 1, ješi 2
Bagvalal: waša 1, jaš 2
Godoberi: waša 1, jaši 2
Comments: The root has changeable class affixes (w- for the 1st class, j- for the second). Variation of final vowels (neutralized in Av., Akhv. and Tind.) can be explained by former class suffixation (parallelling class prefixation: *w-ošV-w > wošo, *j-ošV-j > joši). Masculine and feminine forms are neutralized in Av., Akhv. and Tind. Note that there are also forms reflecting PA *b-ošV 'child of animals' (Akhv. baša, And. boši etc.). In Akhv. there also exists a form r-eša meaning 'heifer' (*'daughter of animal'), parallelling PL *ruš: and especially PGB *riže 'heifer'.

    The word for 'woman' in And. (jošḳʷa) is a contraction of joši+heḳʷa 'girl+person'.


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