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Proto-Turkic: *č(i)al-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 turban 2 noose, lasso 3 to plait, wrap 4 to bind by throwing the rope 5 to become entangled 6 to entangle 7 band, strap 8 to bind around, wrap around 9 to plait
Russian meaning: 1 тюрбан 2 аркан, лассо 3 заплетать, заворачивать 4 связывать захлестом, наметывать 5 заплетаться 6 запутать 7 тесьма, завязка 8 обвязывать, обматывать 9 плести
Turkish: čalma 1
Tatar: čal- 4, čalma 1
Middle Turkic: čalma 1, 'flask fastened to the saddle' (Pav. C., Sangl.), 'apron' (Pav. C.)
Uzbek: čal-(mɔq) 4, čalma 1; band, facing
Uighur: čal-ma-š- 5
Azerbaidzhan: čalma 1
Turkmen: čalma 1, čal- 3, čalšɨq 'entangled (of a rope)'
Khakassian: salba (Sag.) 'лычко для метания камней'
Oyrat: čalma 2, dial. (Leb.) čalɨ- 6
Tuva: šalba 2
Tofalar: šalɨšqaq 'criss-crossing'
Kirghiz: čal- 4, čalɣɨč 7, čalma 2
Kazakh: šal- 8
Noghai: šalma 1, šaluw 7
Bashkir: salɨ- 8, salma 1
Balkar: čalma 1, čal- 9, čalman 'wattle'
Gagauz: čal- 8, čalma 1
Karaim: cal- 8, calma 1, calman 'wattle'
Karakalpak: šal- 8
Kumyk: čal- 9, čalma 1
Comments: EDT 420, VEWT 97, Лексика 395. Turk. > Mong. čalma, salma 'lasso', see TMN 4, 316-317, Щербак 1997, 163 (although the meaning 'lasso' is not widely spread in Turkic, Doerfer suggests that it may have been the original, pre-Islamic, meaning of the derivative *čal-ma). Note Chuv. čъʷlɣa- 'to entangle' - usually derived as a loanword < Tat. čulɣa- < PT *čog-la-, but in this case one would rather expect čulɣa- - so the Chuv. form may actually reflect PT *čial-. The root is attested late, but does not seem to be borrowed, or a specialized development of *čal- 'hit, chop' (as suggested in TMN).

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