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Turkic etymology :

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Proto-Turkic: *dāl-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 to sink 2 ocean
Russian meaning: 1 погружать(ся) 2 море, океан
Old Turkic: taluj 1 (Orkh., OUygh.)
Turkish: dal- 1
Tatar: tal- 1 (dial.)
Middle Turkic: tal-, dal- 1
Turkmen: dāl- 1 (dial.)
Tuva: tal- (Castr.) `swim'
Gagauz: dal- 1
Karaim: dal- 1
Comments: ЭСТЯ 3, 133-134 (to be separated from *Tal- `to faint'); EDT 502 (the Chinese etymology of OT taluj seems hardly plausible: the compound MC dầj-lwi is not attested, and we would expect *Tajluj, not *Taluj anyway).

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