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Proto-Turkic: *KAj-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 to turn back 2 to show respect 3 to squint; to move to smb.'s side 4 to run towards 5 to go past, around
Russian meaning: 1 оборачиваться 2 выказывать уважение 3 косить глазами; переходить на чью-л. сторону 4 бежать к 5 обойти, пройти мимо
Old Turkic: qaj- (OUygh.) 2
Karakhanid: qaj- (MK) 1, 2
Turkish: kaj- 3
Sary-Yughur: qajla- 4
Khakassian: xaj- 2
Oyrat: qaj- (R) 2
Tuva: xaj- 5
Comments: ЭСТЯ 5 208-209, EDT 674. Stachowski 137 adds Yak. xaj̃ɨs-, Dolg. kańɨs- '(to turn and) look around', which would change the reconstruction to *KAń-; however, there are no other traces of a nasal in the root, and the comparison looks somewhat dubious.

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