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Turkic etymology :

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Proto-Turkic: *jom, *jom(ŋ)ak
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 tale, legend 2 luck, omen 3 word 4 riddle
Russian meaning: 1 рассказ, притча 2 счастье, доброе предзнаменование 3 слово 4 загадка
Turkish: jom 2 (dial.)
Tatar: ǯomaq 4
Middle Turkic: jumaq 1 (Ettuhf.), jom 2 (AH)
Uzbek: ǯumbɔq 4
Sary-Yughur: lomaq 1
Turkmen: jomaq 'joke'
Khakassian: nɨmax 1, čōx 3
Shor: nɨbaq 1
Yakut: nomoq 1 (possibly < Mong.)
Kirghiz: ǯomoq 1
Kazakh: žumbaq 4
Noghai: jumaq 4
Bashkir: jomaq 4
Balkar: ǯomaq, zomaq 4
Karaim: jomaq 1
Karakalpak: žŭmbaq 4
Kumyk: jomaq 1
Comments: ЭСТЯ 4, 220-221, VEWT 206,119 (one root in two different places). Despite late attestation the root is no doubt archaic (it must have originally pertained to a shamanistic ritual).

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