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Turkic etymology :

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Proto-Turkic: *tōŕ
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: dust
Russian meaning: пыль
Old Turkic: toz (OUygh.)
Karakhanid: toz (MK)
Turkish: toz
Tatar: tuzan
Middle Turkic: toz (Sangl.), tos (Pav. C., Abush.)
Uzbek: tọzɔn
Uighur: toz
Sary-Yughur: tos
Azerbaidzhan: toz
Turkmen: tōz, tozan
Khakassian: tozɨn
Shor: tozun
Oyrat: tozɨn
Kirghiz: toz
Kazakh: toz
Noghai: tozan
Bashkir: tuδan
Gagauz: tōz
Karaim: toz
Karakalpak: toz
Comments: VEWT 492, EDT 580-1, Лексика 99-100. Cf. also Yak. tor 'soot'. Despite Лексика, the stem tozan is rather not a deverbative in -ɣan from the verb toz- (cf. the absence of any traces of -ɣ-), but a denominative (like er - eren); this would explain the lack of length in Turkm. This may also be a noun in -n derived from a denominative verb in -а- (Turkm. toza- 'to become dusty', also without length).

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