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Proto-Turkic: *tom-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 round, convex 2 ball, smth. round 3 somersault 4 thick, bulging 5 to swell
Russian meaning: 1 круглый, выпуклый 2 шарик, кольцо 3 кувырком 4 толстый, пухлый 5 пухнуть, вздуваться
Turkish: tomak 2
Uzbek: tọmtɔq 'stump, blunt'
Azerbaidzhan: tombul 4, dombalaG 3
Turkmen: tommaq 'knob, round end of stick', dommar- / tommar- 5
Khakassian: tomɨr, tombɨr 'blunt'
Chuvash: tъʷmat 'stubby'
Yakut: tomtorɣo 'ring-formed ornament'
Kirghiz: tompoq 1
Kazakh: tompaq 1
Noghai: tompaq 1
Bashkir: tomraj- (dial.) 5
Balkar: tomalaq 1
Gagauz: tombarlaq 1
Karaim: tomalaq 1
Karakalpak: dumalaq 1, tompaq 4, tompaj- 5
Salar: tombɨx 'blunt' (Тен.ССЯ)
Kumyk: tompaj- 5, tomaq 'blunt'
Comments: VEWT 487, ЭСТЯ 3, 261-262. Variants with *d- in Oghuz are most probably expressive (or reflect a secondary assimilation *dom-ba- < *tom-ba-).

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