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Proto-Japanese: *tákú-páp-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: to hoard, assemble
Russian meaning: запасать, накапливать
Old Japanese: takupap(a)-
Middle Japanese: tákúfáf(a)-
Tokyo: takuwaé-, tàkuwae-
Kyoto: tàkùwàè-
Kagoshima: takuwaé-
Comments: JLTT 762. Accent is somewhat uncertain, though most sources (RJ, Tokyo tàkuwae-, Kagoshima) point to *tákúpáp-. It is also worth noting Middle Jpn. and modern takusán 'much, many': the word is shaped and perceived as a kango (澤山 'swamps and mountains'), but is apparently not attested in Chinese sources and may represent a folk etymology. Its accent, however, differs from that of *tákú-páp- (Kyoto tákùsàn and Kagoshima takusán, together with the Tokyo form, point to *tàkù-sà[mà]).

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