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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *t`aĺp`V
Meaning: thigh, hip
Russian meaning: бедро
Turkic: *taĺak
Mongolian: *talbag
Tungus-Manchu: *talpi
Comments: Дыбо 46. A Western isogloss. The old meaning of the Turk. form can be reconstructed on the basis of the Mong. loanword tašaɣa 'hip' (Khalkha tašā(n) 'hip, thigh; piece inserted between cloth laps', Bur. tašān 'hip, side', Kalm. tašā id., Ord. dašā id., but Mongor tašaG 'scrotum'), see Дыбо 1992. The Turkic form is sometimes derived from *diāĺ 'stone', with a semantic parallel in Finn. kivi 'stone' - kives 'testiculi'; let us note, however, both a phonetic discrepancy (*diāĺ 'stone' has voiced *d- and a long vowel), as well as a semantic inconclusiveness: Finnish kives is a diminutive with the first meaning "plummet on a net", whence metaphorically "testicle", whereas no "plummet" or "sinker" meanings are attested anywhere in Turkic.

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