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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *si̯ṓjri
Nostratic: Nostratic
Meaning: to suck, to lick
Russian meaning: сосать, лизать
Turkic: *sōr-
Mongolian: *soru-
Korean: *hjǝ́, *hàr-hắ-
Japanese: *sìtá
Comments: KW 332, VEWT 429. The Jpn. and Kor. forms (compared in Whitman 1985, 168, 236, and additionally in Vovin 2000 - although his further attempts to link the Kor.-Jap. root to PA *k`i̯ăli should be rejected) seem to fit here phonetically (although there is a tone discrepancy); as for semantics, one should probably reconstruct the original meaning 'suck', whence 'lick' and 'tongue' in the Eastern area. Medial *-j- has to be reconstructed to account for the loss of resonant in Kor.; it had also probably caused a dissimilation in the Western area (*si̯ōjri > *sōjri), which explains the -o-reflex in Turkic.

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