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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *nad[i]
Meaning: seven
Russian meaning: семь
Turkic: *jẹt(t)i
Tungus-Manchu: *nada-n
Korean: *nìr-kúp
Japanese: *nana-
Comments: Mong. *dal- '7' may suggest PA *ĺad[i]- (with a development > Mong. *ĺal- (through assimilation) > dal-). The medial consonant in general behaves rather irregularly: one may suggest an original cluster like *-dd- to explain the Turkic reflex. Jpn. *nana- regularly < *nada-n ( = TM *nada-n); in Kor. one has to assume vowel elision already after *-d- > -r- (i.e. *nìr-kup < *nìrV-kup). Despite all these difficulties, the numeral 'seven' seems to be safely reconstructable for PA. Cf. also Koguryo *nanǝn 'seven', see Lee 28, 39, Menges 1984, 278.

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