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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *mi̯ū́ĺi
Meaning: ice, hail
Russian meaning: лед, град
Turkic: *bū(n)ŕ
Mongolian: *möl-sü, *möl-dür
Korean: *múrúi
Japanese: *mínsǝ́-rá-
Comments: EAS 79, SKE 155, Poppe 35, 138. The Turkic form presents biggest problems: it must be explained as a result of dissimilation and contraction - *bū(n)ŕ (cf. obvious traces of nasalization in reflexes) < *būĺ(V)ŕ < *mi̯ū́ĺi-ŕV or even *mi̯ūĺi-dVŕV (cf. Mong. *möldür, Evk. melder-); early loss of *-i- would then also account for the back vowel reflex. All other forms are more or less plausibly united under the protoform *mi̯ū́ĺi.

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