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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *i̯ằpV
Meaning: to bend, turn; hook
Russian meaning: гнуть, поворачивать; крюк
Turkic: *ebir-
Mongolian: *eb-
Tungus-Manchu: *oboka
Japanese: *àpùkuà
Comments: ЭСТЯ 1, 500. The Turkic form is hard to separate, although one would rather expect a back vowel (*iab-) here. There indeed exists a PT root *(i)abɨ- 'to bend, fall, swing' (Tat. avu- 'to bend, fall', Oyr. abɨ-, Tuva aa-t-tɨn- 'to swing', Kirgh. oo- 'to bend on one side, fall, swing, also in a play', oon- 'to roll, as a dog', Kaz. awu-, awɨn-, avɨ-t-qu- 'id.', Nogh. avɨ-, avna-, avda- 'id.', Bashk. aw-, awn-, awδ- 'id.', KBalk. aw-, awan-, awda- 'id.', Karaim avd-, Kum. avun-), whose relationship to *ebir- is not quite clear. {Cf. PE *uvǝ-ʁ- (-a-) 'to turn upside down, to tilt, round'}

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