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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *di̯ari
Meaning: a small animal (flying squirrel)
Russian meaning: мелкое животное (белка-летяга)
Turkic: *jar- / *jer-
Mongolian: *ǯirke
Tungus-Manchu: *ǯ(i)arami ( ~ d-)
Korean: *tằràmí
Japanese: *(d)ìtàti
Comments: Лексика 168. Low tone in Jpn. does not correspond to Kor. (but cf. different dialectal variants). The root must have denoted some small rodent, possibly a flying squirrel (which could explain the meaning 'bat' in Turkic). One should also mention PM *ǯaraɣa 'hedgehog, porcupine' = Karakh. jarpuz 'mongoose', possibly derived from the same root. A different etymology of the Turkic word (comparing it with Evk. ńarbakin 'naked' and deriving from a *ńarV 'naked skin', see Stachowski 1999) seems less likely to us.

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