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Language: "andoa" | Query method: Match substring
Number: 5142
Language: Andoa
Alternate Name: Shimigae
Location: Peru
Classification: Amerind: Andean: Cahuapanan-Zaparoan: Zaparoan
Other Sources: Peeke, Catherine and Mary Sargent. 1959. "Pronombres personales en shimigae," in Estudios acerca de las lenguas huarani (auca), shimigae y zápara, Quito, 18-28.
Consonant system:

   p t k kʷ ʔ
    ts č
    s š h
m n

Stops: p t d k kʷ ʔ
Affricates: ts č
Fricatives: s š h
Nasals: m n
Vibrants: r
Glides: j w
Vowel system:

   i ɨ u

Front Vowels: i
Central Vowels: ɨ a
Back Vowels: u
Long Vowels: ṽ all

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