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Number: 884
Proto-Semitic: *ʕaḳab-
Meaning: 'hill, slope'
Arabic: ʕaqab-at-
Notes: Likely <*ʕaḳab- 'heel'
Number: 2002
Proto-Semitic: *ʕaḳib-/*ʕiḳb-
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: heel
Akkadian: eḳbu OB on [CAD e 248], [AHw 231]
Ugaritic: ʕḳb 'jarrete, calcañar' [DLU 86]
Hebrew: ʕāḳēb [KB 872].

    Cf. PB ʕāḳēb [Ja 1104], ʕăḳubbā [ibid. 1105] 'haunch, posteriors' with a meaning shift

Aramaic: OFF ʕḳb 'heel ?' [HJ 881] (in mn ʕḳb 'immediately')
Judaic Aramaic: ʕiḳb_ā, ʕăḳēbā (also 'curve, end') [Ja 1104], ʕăḳībā [ibid. 1105]; ʕḳyb, ʕaḳbā 'end, heel' [Sok 416]
Syrian Aramaic: ʕeḳb_ā 'calx, ungula' [Brock 541]
Modern Aramaic: MLH ʕaḳbo.

    In the phrase rišo ʕaḳbo saym 'er hat (alles) den Kopf gestellt' [J Mlah 165]; NASS ịḳbɔ 'heel' [Tser 0158]

Mandaic Aramaic: ʕaḳba [DM 356]
Arabic: ʕaḳib-, ʕaḳb- [BK 2 308-309]
Tigre: ʕǝḳǝb 'foot, leg' [LH 468]
Harari: (?) ḳūb [LHar 121]
Notes: Note that HAR ḳūb 'heel' [LHar 121] is considered by Leslau an Arabism (<*ʔaḳub <*ʕaḳub); Leslau gives no other ETH examples, probably considering their absence an argument for the Arabic origin of the HAR word. See, however, TGR, which is rather an inherited term than an Arabism in view of the meaning difference.

    Very likely derived from this nominal root are such diverse verbal or secondary deverbal forms as AMOR ʕḳb 'to watch, to protect' [CAAA 15]; UGR ʕḳb (basic stem) 'aceptar o efectuar un traspaso de propiedad, suceder, efectuar una permutua de bienes' [DLU 86], (intensive stem) 'poner trabas, insidias, oponerse' [DLU 86]; PHO ʕḳb 'continuation' [T 256]; SAB ʕḳb 'to act as military chief, deputy; fortress' [SD 17-18] (meaning shift from 'to protect, be a protector'); GEZ ʕaḳaba 'to guard, to watch, to keep safe' [LGz 66], TGR ʕaḳbä 'to guard, to keep' [LH 468], TNA ʕaḳḳäbä 'custodire' [Bass 686], AMH aḳḳabi 'custodian' [K 1185] (this and other derivatives may be loans from GEZ), HAR ēḳäba 'to wait, to expect' [LHar 30].

    [Fron 49]: (*ʕaḳib- /GEZ ʕaḳaba 'custodire', ARB,SYR,HBR, UGR,AKK/); [DLU 86]: UGR, HBR, ARM, AKK, ARB; [KB 872]: HBR, UGR, ARM, ARB, AKK, TGR; [Brock 541]: SYR, ARM, HBR, ARB, AKK, ETH (verbs); [Holma 138]: AKK, HBR, ARB, SYR

Total of 2 records

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