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Proto-Kartvelian: *cag-
Nostratic: Nostratic
Russian meaning: колючка
English meaning: thorn
Svan: cäg 'thorn', cag-ǟr 'pricky'
Laz: m-cig-ura 'pricky plant', o-cig- 'to prick'
Notes and references: EWK 444. Ср. алт. *čākte 'сосна, лиственница'.
Proto-Kartvelian: *naʒw-
Russian meaning: сосна, ель
English meaning: pine-tree, fir-tree
Georgian: naʒv-
Megrel: nuʒu, nuzu
Svan: nezw
Notes and references: EWK 261. Повидимому, иранизм (ср. перс. nōǯ, осет. naz(u), näzǝ < иран. *nauča-).
Total of 2 records

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