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Proto-Eskimo: *kamakra-
Meaning: mammoth, caribou (ounly in shaman speech)
Russian meaning: мамонт, северный олень (только в шаманской речи)
Proto-Yupik: *kamaɣra-
Proto-Inupik: *kumakrua-
Comments: In CED the connection to the word *kumaɣ 'louse' is sort of an absorbed folk etymology. In reality it could reflect a special tricky modification in Inupik languages because of the sacral character of the word. The vowel *-a- in the first syllable is euphemistically changed to *-u- in this example only in Inupik languages. Historically this root was borrowed from PCh *kamaka 'evil, mammoth' which also has a special relation with *kạmạkạ 'beetle' in these languages.
Proto-Eskimo: *nuʁra-
Meaning: fawn, calf of caribou
Russian meaning: олененок, теленок
Proto-Yupik: *nuʁHa-
Proto-Inupik: *nuʁʁaʁ
Comments: This stem is hardly related to *nur[ǝ]- (-ʁa-) '(human) son, child' despite CED.
Comparative Eskimo Dictionary: 242
Proto-Eskimo: *paɣnǝ-ʁ (~ *-ŋn-)
Meaning: caribou bull
Russian meaning: самец дикого оленя
Proto-Yupik: *p[a]Гnǝ-ʁ (~ *-ŋn-)
Proto-Inupik: *paɣnǝʁ (~ *-ŋn-)
Comments: Possibly a borrowing from PCh *penw-eli 'caribou 1-3 years old'.
Comparative Eskimo Dictionary: 246
Proto-Eskimo: *quŋǝr-(a-) (*quŋru-) ~ *quŋǝv- (*quŋvu-)
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: neck, scruff of neck
Russian meaning: шея, загривок, горб
Proto-Yupik: *quŋHuʁ-
Proto-Inupik: *quŋǝcci-, *quŋia-
Comments: Cf. also Chaplino qīŋu 'hair under the chin of caribou', it may actually be a metathesized form < "quŋī < *quŋǝ-ra-.
Comparative Eskimo Dictionary: 317
Proto-Eskimo: *qucuŋ-jaɣ
Meaning: caribou skin jacket
Russian meaning: куртка из шкуры оленя
Proto-Yupik: *qucuГ-jaɣ (~ -ŋ-)
Proto-Inupik: *qucuŋŋa-
Comparative Eskimo Dictionary: 311
Proto-Eskimo: *qurǝɫǝʁ
Meaning: Chukchee
Russian meaning: чукча
Proto-Yupik: *qur[ǝ́]ɫǝГ
Proto-Inupik: *qutliʁ
Comments: An obvious loan from PCh *qora-ɫʁъ-n 'caribou shepherd', with no connection to *qutǝ 'land, shore'.
Comparative Eskimo Dictionary: 320
Proto-Eskimo: *tǝŋǝ (-aɣ), *tǝŋajuɣ
Meaning: pubic hair, throat hair of caribou
Russian meaning: волосы в паху, волосы на горле у оленя
Proto-Yupik: *tǝŋǝ (-aɣ), *tǝŋajuɣ
Proto-Inupik: *tǝŋǝ (-aɣ), *tǝŋajuɣ
Comparative Eskimo Dictionary: 341
Proto-Eskimo: *tunvu-
Meaning: fat (of land animal, caribou)
Russian meaning: жир (животных, оленя)
Proto-Yupik: *tunHu-
Proto-Inupik: *tunnu-
Comments: Cf. PKCh *thʷan(av) 'pitch, resin'.
Comparative Eskimo Dictionary: 351
Proto-Eskimo: *tuŋtu
Meaning: caribou; Great Bear (Ursula Magna, constellation)
Russian meaning: дикий олень, Большая Медведица (созвездие)
Proto-Yupik: *tuŋtu
Proto-Inupik: *tuktu
Comparative Eskimo Dictionary: 351
Proto-Eskimo: *aru-va-
Meaning: to hunt (caribou, seal)
Russian meaning: охотиться (на оленя, тюленя)
Proto-Yupik: *aru-
Proto-Inupik: *auva-, *auvvaʁ
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