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Proto-Turkic: *bAj-ra-m/k, bAj-ga
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 feast 2 horse-race 3 a prize in horse-race
Russian meaning: 1 праздник 2 скачки 3 приз за победу в скачках
Karakhanid: baδram (MK), bajram (MK Oghuz) 1
Turkish: bajram 1
Tatar: bɛjrɛm 1, bɛjgi 2
Middle Turkic: bajram (Бор. Бад.) 1, bajɣa 1 (Pav. C.)
Uzbek: bajram 1, pajgä (R) 3, bajraq (dial., Khorazm) 3
Uighur: bajram 1, (dial.- Lobn.) bajɣa 1
Azerbaidzhan: bajram 1
Turkmen: bajram 1, bajraq 3
Khakassian: paj 1 (Sag.), pajram 1
Shor: bajram 1, pajɣa 1 (R)
Oyrat: bajram 1
Kirghiz: majram 1, bajge 2, 3
Kazakh: mäjram 1, bäjge 2, 3, (dial.) bajraq 3
Noghai: bajram 1
Bashkir: bajram 1, bäjgi 2, 3
Balkar: bajram 1
Gagauz: bajram 1
Karaim: bajram 1
Karakalpak: bajram 1, bäjge 2, 3, bajraq 3
Kumyk: bajram 1
Comments: VEWT 54, 56, ЭСТЯ 2, 32, 33-34 (erroneously under *baδrak 'flag'), 35-36, TMN 2, 384-385. Here one should reconstruct *-j- (not *-δ-), dissimilated before -r- according to Mudrak's rule. Formally *baj-ra-m and *baj-ra-k are deverbatives from a hypothetical *baj-ra- 'to celebrate'; *baj-ga is a denominative with a usual East.-Kypch. suffix. Menges' (1933, 101) hypothesis of bajga < Russ. is quite unlikely (cf. the areal and the Chag. fixation). A rather popular theory of Iranian origin is also excluded: the only acceptable etymology of Pers. bajram is < Turkic (see also ЭСТЯ). Because of semantics, hardly connected with Mong. baj 'sign, goal, road sign'. Turk. > Russ. Siber. bajgá (Аникин 109).
Proto-Turkic: *toj
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: feast; community
Russian meaning: пир, праздник
Old Turkic: toj (OUygh.)
Karakhanid: toj (MK, KB)
Turkish: toj
Tatar: tuj
Middle Turkic: toj (Sangl., Abush.)
Uzbek: tọj
Uighur: toj
Sary-Yughur: toj
Azerbaidzhan: toj
Turkmen: toj
Khakassian: toj
Shor: toj
Oyrat: toj
Chuvash: toj
Tuva: doj
Tofalar: toj
Kirghiz: toj
Kazakh: toj
Noghai: toj
Bashkir: tuj
Balkar: toj
Gagauz: toj
Karaim: toj
Karakalpak: toj
Salar: töj (ССЯ)
Kumyk: toj
Comments: EDT 567, Лексика 309.
Total of 2 records

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