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Entry: luNma
Kiranti etymology: Kiranti etymology
Grammar: n.
Meaning: liver; heart
Comments: vide nɛrɛʔl; cf. -luNma himmaʔ, luNma hi:pmaʔ.
Entry: luNma
Grammar: n.
Meaning: (in compounds only) mountain range
Derivation: [< luN stone, rock]
Comments: vide pho:ktaNluNma, sɛnche:luNma, waraNluNma.
Entry: -luNma himmaʔ, -hips/-him-
Grammar: vi.
Meaning: 1) miss, yearn, experience nostalgia, experience the grief of separation ; 2) with unidentified pf. (possibly for purposes of metre) in the proverb: yɔkma-yo: te:him luNma pʔhim When away from home, one inevitably becomes homesick
Derivation: [luNma liver]
Comments: 1) (Nep. viraha lāgnu); sa:ʔrik a-luNma him (very my-heart yearn/nostalgia/miss) I am extremely overwhelmed by the grief of separation, by nostalgia; kɛluNma him lǝcǝ I see you're overwhelmed with longing 2); cf. luNma hi:pmaʔ.
Entry: luNma hi:pmaʔ
Grammar: -hi:pt-/-hi:p- vt.
Meaning: miss someone
Derivation: [dir. < -luNma himmaʔ experience yearning]
Comments: luNma kɛhiptwi:? Do you miss him?; khɛnɛʔ kɛbe:k-ʔille gɔ: luNma hipnɛ ro:! I'll sure miss you when you're gone!; kɛbe:kʔille khɛnɛʔ luNma hi:pnɛtchige We'll miss you when you go; andzumin sa:ʔrik aluNma hi:ptuN I miss my friend very much.
Entry: luNmaʔ, -luks-/-luN-
Grammar: vt.
Meaning: complete
Derivation: [dir. < lukmaʔ be completed]
Comments: ya:mbɔk ɛn lɔk luks-u-N (work today only complete-3P-lsA) I shall only be able to complete the work today (i.e. I have not gotten around to completing it before today); pa:n luksuN I have said what I have to say; nisa:mhim pe:k-maʔ luks-u-N (school go-INF complete-3P-1sA) I have finished going to school, I don't go to school anymore.
Entry: pho:ktaNluNma
Grammar: n.
Meaning: the eastern Himalayan range from Mount ɛverest to Mt. Kangchenjunga, Nep. Kumbhakarṇa, Umbhek and Lumbā-Sumbā Himāl
Derivation: [lit. the mountain range (luNma) of which Mt. Kangchenjunga (pho:ktaNluN, q.v.) forms the central part]
Comments: cf. sɛnche:0luNma, waraNluNma.
Entry: sɛnche:luNma
Grammar: n.
Meaning: the Mahābhārat Lek range, running roughly parallel to and to the south of the Great Himalayan range
Derivation: [< luNma mountain range]
Comments: cf. pho:ktaN0luNma, waraNluNma.
Entry: waraNluNma
Grammar: n.
Meaning: the (moist) Siwalik hills above the Terai, running parallel to and to the south of the Mahābhārat Lekh
Derivation: [waraN- make wet + luNma mountain range]
Comments: Nep. cure pahāḍ, śivālik; cf. pho:ktaNluNma, sɛnche:luNma.
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