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Entry: co:ʔco:ʔ phimmaʔ
Comments: vide co:ʔco:ʔ mɛpmaʔ.
Entry: himmaʔ, -hips-/-him-
Comments: vide -luNma himmaʔ.
Entry: -luNma himmaʔ, -hips/-him-
Grammar: vi.
Meaning: 1) miss, yearn, experience nostalgia, experience the grief of separation ; 2) with unidentified pf. (possibly for purposes of metre) in the proverb: yɔkma-yo: te:him luNma pʔhim When away from home, one inevitably becomes homesick
Derivation: [luNma liver]
Comments: 1) (Nep. viraha lāgnu); sa:ʔrik a-luNma him (very my-heart yearn/nostalgia/miss) I am extremely overwhelmed by the grief of separation, by nostalgia; kɛluNma him lǝcǝ I see you're overwhelmed with longing 2); cf. luNma hi:pmaʔ.
Entry: phimmaʔ, -phind-/-phin-
Kiranti etymology: Kiranti etymology
Grammar: vt.
Meaning: 1) strangle 2) squeeze something out, squeeze the juice out of something (eg. kudzaʔ fruit, ho:ʔ furuncle, yaNghe:k wound); 3) depress (a lever, eg. a ḍhiki, q.v.); 4) co:ʔco:ʔ phimmaʔ vide mɛpma (3).
Comments: 1) ku-sikla-ʔo: phind-u-N (his-throat-LOC strangle-3P-1sA) I strangled him; ku-sikla-ʔo: mɛ-bhind-u mɛ-sɛʔr-u mu (his-throat-LOC nsAS-strangle-3P nsAS-kill-3P REP) It is said that/They say that they strangled him to death; khɛN mǝna:n phindu He strangled that man; 2) cf. cɔmmaʔ, immaʔ, phɛpmaʔ, phipmaʔ 3) cf. phɛNmaʔ
Entry: thimmaʔ, -thims-/-thim-
Kiranti etymology: Kiranti etymology
Grammar: vt.
Meaning: fill up.
Derivation: [caus. < timmaʔ fill up]
Entry: khimmaʔ, -khips-/-khim-
Kiranti etymology: Kiranti etymology
Grammar: vt.
Meaning: stick
Derivation: [caus. < khipmaʔ stick]
Total of 6 records

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