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Entry: hi:pmaʔ, -hi:b-/-hi:p-
Kiranti etymology: Kiranti etymology
Grammar: vi.
Meaning: be or get planed with a phɛdza, be scraped off (of an outer layer or pellicle); 2) vt., plane, scrape off (an outer layer)
Comments: 2) hi:buN I'm scraping/planing.
Entry: hi:pmaʔ, -hi:pt-/-hi:p-
Grammar: vt.
Meaning: keep and raise a sacrificial animal in honour of deity (sacrificial animals, once designated as such, may not be bartered or sold)
Comments: khɛN phakʔin hi:ptumbe We are raising that pig as a sacrificial animal [in honour of a deity]; sammaNʔo: waʔ hi:pmʔnaba rɔk wa: [That] chicken is being kept exclusively as a sacrificial animal for the deity.
Entry: hi:pmaʔ, -hi:pt-/-hi:p-
Comments: vide luNma hi:pmaʔ.
Entry: luNma hi:pmaʔ
Grammar: -hi:pt-/-hi:p- vt.
Meaning: miss someone
Derivation: [dir. < -luNma himmaʔ experience yearning]
Comments: luNma kɛhiptwi:? Do you miss him?; khɛnɛʔ kɛbe:k-ʔille gɔ: luNma hipnɛ ro:! I'll sure miss you when you're gone!; kɛbe:kʔille khɛnɛʔ luNma hi:pnɛtchige We'll miss you when you go; andzumin sa:ʔrik aluNma hi:ptuN I miss my friend very much.
Entry: phi:pmaʔ, -phi:tt-/-phi:t-/-phi:ʔl
Grammar: vi.
Meaning: have diarrhoea
Comments: mɛn-nuba kudza-:n kɛ-dzɔ gɔrɔ kɛ-bhi:ʔl (NEG-good food-ABS 2-eat if 2-have diarrhoea) If you eat bad food, you'll get diarrhoea.
Total of 5 records

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