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Proto-Altaic: "*ko{/}mp`i" | Query method: Match substring
Proto-Altaic: *kómp`i
Meaning: neck, part of breast
Russian meaning: шея, часть груди
Turkic: *gömül-dürük
Mongolian: *kömürge
Tungus-Manchu: *kumpe(ke)
Japanese: *kúmpí
Comments: Cf. also Mong. *köɣemej which can go back to *köme-ɣej, cf. potential Turkic loanwords like Chag. kömekej, Yak. kömögöj etc., see VEWT 289. Such a metathesis, however, is rather uncommon (as well as the rendering of Mong. -ɣ- by Turkic -k-), and there are obvious loanwords from the same Mongolian source: Yak., Dolg. küömej 'throat' (see Kaɫ. MEJ 88, Stachowski 165). It may well be that the above Turkic words are genuine after all, going back to *gömü-kej (derived from the same root as *gömül-dürük), while Mong. köɣemej has a quite different origin (e.g. PA *kúŋe 'middle, heart' q. v.).

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