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Proto-Altaic: "*{e:}{/}r{/}a" | Query method: Match substring
Proto-Altaic: *ḗŕa
Nostratic: Nostratic
Meaning: to go astray, mistake
Russian meaning: сбиваться с пути, ошибаться
Turkic: *āŕ-
Mongolian: *ereɣü
Tungus-Manchu: *er[e]-
Korean: *ǝ̀rjǝ́-b-
Japanese: *árá-
Comments: EAS 107, 145-146, SKE 56 (Mong.:Tung.:Kor.). Mong. and Turk. have also suffixed forms that may belong to the same root (with front / back vowel variation): cf. Mong. arča- 'to quarrel, argue'; erüs- 'to rival, compete'; Turk. *ersi- 'mean, nasty' (see Дыбо 12); perhaps also Mong. *arila- 'to disappear, vanish' ( < '*to miss'), see MGCD 118.

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