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Kam-Sui 100-wordlists :

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Mulam: 20
Chadong: 20
Kam: 20
Maonan: 20
Sui: 20
Word: all
Mulam: i.6 khi.3
Chadong: ji.5 ćim.3
Kam: lǝt.1a la:u.3
Maonan: ju:n.3
Sui: liu.4
Word: ashes
Mulam: pu.1
Chadong: fuk.7
Kam: puk.3a
Maonan: vuʔ.5
Sui: wuk.7
Word: bark
Mulam: ŋɣa.2
Chadong: mi.4 pi.2
Kam: pi.2
Maonan: pi.2
Sui: pi.2
Word: belly
Mulam: lɔŋ.2 po.6
Chadong: tu.6 na:ŋ.4
Kam: qa:ŋ.1 tu.3
Sui: loŋ.2
Word: big
Mulam: lo.4
Chadong: lǝk.8
Kam: ma:k.3
Maonan: la:u.4
Sui: la:u.4
Word: bird
Mulam: nɔk.7
Chadong: ńok.8
Kam: mok.2
Maonan: nɔʔ.8
Sui: nok.8
Word: bite
Mulam: cat.8
Chadong: ćit.8
Kam: qit.4
Maonan: ćit.8
Sui: ćit.8
Word: black
Mulam: nam.1
Chadong: nam.1
Kam: nam.1
Maonan: nam.1
Sui: ʔnam.1
Word: blood
Mulam: phɔt.7
Chadong: phja:t.7
Kam: pha:t.3a
Maonan: phja:t.7
Sui: phja:t.7
Word: bone
Mulam: hɣa:k.7
Chadong: kut.7
Kam: la:k.3
Maonan: ʔda:ʔ.8
Sui: la:k.7
Word: breast
Mulam: me.6
Chadong: pu.6
Kam: mǝi.3
Maonan: sɛ.1, cɛ.5
Sui: tiu.4
Word: burn tr.
Mulam: ta:u.3
Chadong: ta:u.3
Kam: ʔoi.1
Maonan: ta:u.3
Sui: ta:u.3
Word: claw(nail)
Mulam: nja.2 nap.7
Chadong: mhi.1 kai.6
Kam: ńǝp.1 mja.2
Maonan: ʔdip.7
Sui: ljap.7 mja.1
Word: cloud
Mulam: kwa.3
Chadong: fa.3, hwa.3
Kam: ma.3
Maonan: fa.3
Sui: fa.3
Word: cold
Mulam: ńit.7
Chadong: nho.1
Kam: lja:k.1a
Maonan: ja:m.5
Sui: ʔńit.7
Word: cold
Kam: sin.1
Sui: nho.1
Word: come
Mulam: taŋ.1
Chadong: taŋ.1
Kam: ma.1a
Maonan: taŋ.1
Sui: taŋ.1
Word: die
Mulam: tai.1
Chadong: tai.1
Kam: tai.1
Maonan: tai.1
Sui: tai.1
Word: dog
Mulam: ŋa.1
Chadong: mha.1
Kam: ŋwa.1a
Maonan: ma.1
Sui: mha.1
Total of 117 records 6 pages

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6
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