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Semitic etymology :

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Number: 2416
Proto-Semitic: *šVn(n)ār- ~ *šurān-
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: cat
Akkadian: šurānu 'cat' OAkk. on [CAD š3 339], [AHw. 1282]. Textual attestations from OB (in OAkk. as a PN only). Passages in which š. unambiguously denotes a wild cat are well known (e.g. BWL 192:23 where it is listed together with nimru, middinu and lābu) whereas no context definitely suggesting a meaning 'domestic cat' seems to be known. See further [Landsberger Fauna 86] and [Salonen Jagd 250, 264].
Aramaic: Anc. šrn 'wild cat' [HJ 1193]. In KAI 222A 33, among animals inhabiting the ruins (v. [Fit- zmyer 90]).
Judaic Aramaic: šunnārā 'cat' [Ja. 1537], [Levy WT II 501], [Levy WTM III 587].
Syrian Aramaic: šūrǝnā 'felis' [Brock. 809], 'mustela, animal quod vorat gallinas' [PS 4107]. Also šūnārā 'felis' [Brock. 791], šǝnārǝtā id. [PS 4246], šānūrā 'felis, felicula' [ibid. 4243], sannūrā, sannūrǝtā 'felis' [ibid. 2680].
Mandaic Aramaic: šunara 'cat' [MD 455], šinarta (fem. of šunara) 'she-cat' [DM 462].
Arabic: sunnār-, sinnawr- 'chat' [BK 1 1151], [Fr. II 365], [Lane 1445], [LA IV 381]; šunārā 'chat' [BK 1 1276], [Fr. II 456], [Lane 1605], [Q II 64]. According to [Hommel 315], in later texts only.
Mehri: sǝnnáwrǝt 'cat' [JM 351].
Jibbali: sínórt id. [JJ 231].
Harsusi: sennōreh id. [JH 112].
Notes: Common Semitic status doubtful as a chain of borrowings (Akk. > Arm. > Arb. > MSA) is likely. An Akkadism in Arm. is cautiously suggested in [Kaufman 154] whereas the Arb. term is regarded as and Arm. loan in [Hommel 314]. Needless to say, Hom- mel's interpretation of the Arm. forms as borrowed from Gr. saínouros 'schwanzwedler' is absolutely impossible in view of the Akkadian evidence (critical observations on this suggestion see already in [Nöldeke Review 1269]). [AHw. 1282]: Akk., Arm., Arb.

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Afroasiatic etymology :

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Proto-Afro-Asiatic: *sVr-an- ~ *sVnar- ~ *wars-an-
Meaning: (wild) cat
Semitic: *šVn(n)ār- ~ *šurān- 'cat'
Warazi (Dullay): *sari- 'leopard'
Mogogodo (Yaaku): *(war)warsan- 'serval'

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Warazi etymology :

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Proto-Warazi: *sari-
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: 'leopard'
Gawwada (Gawata): sarii-ko
Gawwada-Dalpena: sareḫko (<*sari-kko?)
Dobase (Gobeze): sarii-ko
Harso (Werize): sarii-ko
Gollango (Wellango): sarii-ko
Notes: Dull 255

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Mogogodo etymology :

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Mogogodo: warwars'an, pl. warwars'áne
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: 'serval'
Notes: Hei Ya

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