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Nostratic etymology :

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Eurasiatic: *matV
Meaning: intoxication
Indo-European: *mad-, *mat-
Dravidian: *mads-
Comments: Among the Drav. reflexes is hidden a root *mad- 'to become fat' - which is compared (ND 1501 *mAṭV 'to increase, make long/broad') with Georg. maṭ- 'become larger' (+ Arab.?); cf. perhaps also IE *mazd- (*mad-t-) 'fat'. Cf. *mVtV 'moisture'.

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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *mad-
Meaning: wet
Old Indian: mā́dyati, mamátti, mandate `to be glad, rejoice; to be drunk; to boil, bubble (as water); máda- m. `excitement, intoxication'
Avestan: maδa- `Rauschtrank, Rauschbegeisterung'; mad- `sich berauschen, sich ergötzen an'
Old Greek: madáō 'to be moist or sodden; to fall off (of hair)'
Slavic: *jьz-modētī (> Rus dial. измодеть)
Latin: madeō, -uī, madēre 'быть мокрым, влажным, пропитанным, смоченным; течь, струиться'
Russ. meaning: мокрый
References: In Indoir. contamination with *mat- 'drunk'

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Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-Dravidian : *mads-
Meaning : intoxication, lust
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Proto-South Dravidian: *mats-
Proto-Telugu : *mas-
Proto-North Dravidian : *mad-

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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *mats-
Meaning : furious, enraged; lust
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : mata (-pp-, -tt-)
Tamil meaning : to be furious as by must or fanaticism, be luxuriant or fruitful, grow fat, be wanton or lascivious, be intoxicated, be arrogant, be bewildered; n. (also matavu) strength, beauty, excess, abundance, ignorance
Tamil derivates : matakkam stupor caused by over-eating or drinking, weariness; matappu being intoxicated, exhilaration, wantonness or voluptuousness, being ferocious as beasts, being fertile as land, being luxurious as trees or vegetation; matam exhilaration, exultation, joy, ichor of elephants, strength, pride, arrogance, presumption, honey, madness, frenzy, wantonness, lasciviousness, venereal heats, richness of land, fertility, inebriety, intoxication, musk, abundance, greatness; matan_ arrogance, strength, enthusiasm, elation, beauty, greatness, glory, abundance, excess, ignorance, bewilderment; matar (-pp-, -tt-) to flourish, be fertile, rich or luxuriant, be too luxuriant to be productive (as soil, plants, etc.), be affected with frenzy as a bull or elephant, be self-conceited, arrogant, rejoice, be full of joy, increase, abound; n. pride, arrogance, self-conceit, wantonness, joy, abundance, rush, gust, impulse, bravery; matarppu, matarvu flourishing, being rich, plump or luxuriant, joy, delight, intense desire, beauty, strength, abundance, fullness; matarvai flourishing, being rich, plump or luxuriant, pride, haughtiness, exhilaration, bewilderment; matalai desire, attachment; matār arrogance; matāḷi (-pp-, -tt-) to thrive, flourish, be luxuriant, rich, be too luxuriant to be productive as plants, soil, etc.; mati (-pp-, -tt-) to be haughty, be furious; matippu growing fat (as a person), growing leafy (as a plant); mataiiya wanton, lascivious, beautiful, handsome, innocent, strong; matukai strength
Malayalam : madam
Malayalam meaning : delight, intoxication, elated spirits, passion, juice that flows from a rutting elephant's temples
Malayalam derivates : madāḷikka to grow rank; madikka to be elated, intoxicated, be in rut
Kannada : masaka
Kannada meaning : vehement emotion, great agitation, passion, wrath, rage
Kannada derivates : masagu, mosagu to expand, become expanded, developed, break forth or out, appear, rise; activity to be displayed, be agitated or commoved; be urged on by the passions, grow furious, be enraged, rage; display, exhibit, manifest; mase acute lust
Kodagu : madi- (madip-, madic-)
Kodagu meaning : (animal) is lustful of the female, (elephant) is in must
Tulu : madakuni
Tulu meaning : to go or move swiftly
Number in DED : 4687

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Telugu etymology :

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Proto-Telugu : *mas-
Meaning : to rage, be enraged or furious, increase, rise or swell, be extended
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Telugu : masãgu
Additional forms : Also masakamu copulation, sexual desire or inclination; masakonu to feel sexual desire, yield, melt, be charmed; masaru frenzy, fury, absorption; (K also) vb. to grow frenzied, arrogant, proud; masalu to boil well or violently, bubble; madincu to become fat
Number in DED : 4687

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North Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-North-Dravidian : *mad-
Meaning : to be nervous and fidgety (as an animal overfed and left without work), be in rut, grow fond of a thing through habit, (Hahn) be intoxicated
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Kurukh : madārnā
Number in DED : 4687

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