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Tungus etymology :

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Proto-Tungus-Manchu: *omu- / *umu-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 to lay eggs 2 offspring, descendant, grandchild
Russian meaning: 1 нести яйца 2 отпрыск, потомок, внук
Evenki: umū- 1, omolgī 2
Even: omolgo 2
Negidal: omolgị̄ 2
Spoken Manchu: omǝlǝ (887) 2
Literary Manchu: omolo 2
Jurchen: omo-lo (285) 2
Oroch: omolǟ 'daughter-in-law'
Udighe: omolo 2
Solon: omolī 2
Comments: ТМС 2, 17-18, 269 (see also *umūkta). TM > Dag. omol 'grandchild' (Тод. Даг. 159).

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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *úmu
Meaning: to bear, give birth
Russian meaning: рождать
Turkic: *umaj
Mongolian: *(h)umaj
Tungus-Manchu: *omu- / *umu-
Korean: *ūm
Japanese: *úm-
Comments: The Mong. form may also be borrowed < Turk., see Щербак 1997, 166. Cf., on the other hand, Mong. omuɣ 'kin, clan' (which, however, may be a modification of the other attested form, Mong. obuɣ = Turk. *ōpa, under the influence of the present root; Mong. > Yak., Dolg. omuk, see Stachowski 193 ).

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Turkic etymology :

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Proto-Turkic: *umaj
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 placenta, afterbirth 2 goddess of birth
Russian meaning: 1 плацента, послед 2 богиня рождения
Old Turkic: umaj 2 (Orkh.), 1 (OUygh. - NPr)
Karakhanid: umaj 1, 2 (MK)
Turkish: umaǯi 'bugaboo'
Middle Turkic: (MKypch.) umaj 1 (Ettuhf.)
Khakassian: ɨmaj 2
Shor: umaj 2 (R)
Kirghiz: umaj 2
Comments: EDT 164-165.

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Mongolian etymology :

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Proto-Mongolian: *(h)umaj
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: womb
Russian meaning: утроба, чрево
Written Mongolian: umaj (L 874)
Middle Mongolian: kindik umai 'navel' (LH) (with kindik = Chag. kindik 'navel')
Khalkha: umaj
Buriat: umaj
Kalmuck: omǟ 'woman-ancestor'
Ordos: umǟ
Comments: KW 285.

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Korean etymology :

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Proto-Korean: *ūm
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: sprout, bud
Russian meaning: росток, почка
Modern Korean: ūm
Middle Korean: ūm
Comments: Nam 392, KED 1248.

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Japanese etymology :

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Proto-Japanese: *úm-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: to bear
Russian meaning: рождать
Old Japanese: um-
Middle Japanese: úm-
Tokyo: ùm-
Kyoto: úm-
Kagoshima: úm-
Comments: JLTT 779.

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