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Altaic etymology :

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Proto-Altaic: *č`i̯úmu
Meaning: round(ed) object
Russian meaning: круглый, закругленный предмет
Turkic: *čɨmur
Mongolian: *čom-
Tungus-Manchu: *čumbu-
Japanese: *túmúnsí
Comments: An expressive common Altaic root; both in Turkic and Japanese its reflexes may have partially coincided with the reflexes of *č`ī̀mu 'top, edge' q. v., but in Mongolian and TM they seem to be distinct.

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Turkic etymology :

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Proto-Turkic: *čɨmur
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 buds 2 lily 3 sphere, globe, fist
Russian meaning: 1 почки 2 лилия 3 шар, округлость, кулак
Oyrat: čomur 2
Chuvash: čъʷmъʷr 3
Tofalar: šomur 1 (Рас. ФиЛ 89, 231)
Comments: The Chuvash form points to *-ɨ-. The root is very localized, but seems to be distinct from *čɨm- / *čum- 'top; stick with a knob' (although a contamination was of course possible).

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Mongolian etymology :

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Proto-Mongolian: *čom-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 bouquet; bud 2 bud-shaped
Russian meaning: 1 букет; почка 2 имеющий форму бутона
Written Mongolian: čomurlaɣ, (L 197) čomurliɣ 1, čombuɣar, čombun 2
Khalkha: comorlog 1, combogor, combon 2
Ordos: čomȫ- 'avoir la forme de bouton de fleur'

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Tungus etymology :

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Proto-Tungus-Manchu: *čumbu-
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 globe, sphere 2 rounded, swollen (of a mosquito) 3 (sleigh) arc
Russian meaning: 1 шар 2 раздувшийся (о комаре) 3 дуга (нарты)
Evenki: čumbukte 1, čumkilēptin 2
Nanai: čembu-čembu 2
Comments: ТМС 2, 414.

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Japanese etymology :

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Proto-Japanese: *túmúnsí
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: hair-whorl
Russian meaning: завихрение волос
Old Japanese: tumuzi
Middle Japanese: túmúzí
Tokyo: tsùmuji
Kyoto: tsúmújí
Kagoshima: tsumují
Comments: JLTT 556. Accent in Kagoshima is irregular.

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