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The StarLing database software

(text below is borrowed from the Tower of Babel FAQ)

StarLing is a software package originally designed and programmed by the late Sergei Starostin (hence the name) since as early as year 1985. Its most important goal is to offer linguists a suitable and adjustable working environment for creating linguistic databases, primarily etymological and etymostatistical ones, and using them to analyze language data for various historical (and not only) purposes. In addition to that, StarLing has many incorporated features - such as text editing, printing, etc. - but its exclusiveness is provided by its rather unique database interface and a series of linguistic analysis functions unavailable elsewhere.

STARLING does offer full convertibility? of its databases and texts to such popular external formats as XML (for databases) and Word (for texts), although, of course, none of the linguistic analysis procedures can be implemented after such a conversion. If you wish to conduct some linguistic research of your own, we strongly encourage you to make use of the possibilities offered by STARLING. Its vast array of search, filtering and indexing functions, as well as the inbuilt apparatus of lexicostatistic analysis for Swadesh wordlists, makes it a very valuable tool. Drawbacks include an interface that is still not as user-friendly as it could be (although we're slowly working on it) and occasional bugs and flaws that are gradually corrected based on user feedback (use the Ticket system from the menu above; you may have to Register first.)

StarLing in its present shape supports Windows NT/2000/XP/7+ operating systems. Also there is an alpha-stage development version of StarLing with GTK+-based user interface, which supports Linux and OS X as well as Windows.

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