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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#6 Make people visit this page new phil defect blocker
#3 Documentation new phil task critical
#4 Support Unicode text fields in .dbfs accepted phil enhancement critical Unicodification
#17 Text portions of *.wmf files are wrongly coded new Phil defect critical
#7 Starling Serif deserves some 'rlig', 'mark' and 'mkmk' OpenType tables assigned kassian defect major Unicodification
#8 Home link on GLD pages new phil enhancement major
#9 "In Any Field" search should include COMMENT field new phil defect major
#10 Highlight phonetically similar items enhancements new phil enhancement major
#18 Growing and dying cell is natural phenomenon new defect major
#19 Secure Your Baby's Future With Good Infant Car Seats new defect major
#20 Easy Hints For Building Muscle Strength new defect major
#21 Can I Really Make Money Fast Online? new defect major
#22 The Basic Guidelines On Building Muscle new defect major
#23 Back Muscle Pain And Stiffness Herbal Remedies new defect major
#24 The Right Way to Gain Muscles: The Truth About Body Building new defect major
#25 The Science of Muscle Growth new defect major
#26 THAT VERY SMALL FEAT WITHOUT new defect major
#27 tytul1 new defect major
#28 Belajar SEO lengkap new defect major
#1 Assist > Genealogy allows to change calculation method while it should not accepted phil defect minor
#11 New Numeric field should be set to "6" by default, no to "2" as in the current version new Phil enhancement minor
#12 New record in "File structure" should be set to "Variable-width" by default new Phil enhancement minor
#13 Glottochronological tree cannot be built if the DB name contains the sign "-" new Phil defect minor
#16 plugin_join_by_sound.hrb doesn't understand loanwords new Phil enhancement minor
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