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Rick Atbert <> (13.06.2005)

Looking forward to you converting this to full status - most people will tell you that the s/t and Lincoln really penned everything the band had to say down, but their albums are still damn enjoyable. Personally, I feel that TMBG is one of the top ten bands still around in terms of innovation - sure, not many of their ideas are exactly new (it was a little disheartening to find that "Fingertips" was just a remake of "Brown Shoes Don't Make It"), but what is these days? They're a hell of a lot more original than 95% of the bands around today.

So anyways, there's just a few things I wanted to say about the band:

1) Flood is their best album - never could get it out of my head

2) How many songs written in the late 80's/early 90's could possibly match "Ana Ng" and "Birdhouse in Your Soul", and why weren't those songs played on the radio like they are (occasionally) now?

3) Their later rock-based albums aren't bad, just unremarkable. Factory Showroom is a nice piece of work, although it's nothing original.

4) They were (at least during the Lincoln era), some of the best lyric-writers around. It's very hard to analyze their songs, but lots and lots of people write about them on the internet. The lyrics alone are worth their own page...


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Steve Potocin <> (14.12.2002)

This is the best TMBGs record. 'Kiss Me, Son Of GOD', reminded me of my boss in the 80s,it's a very clever song and there is another version with accordion that is even better! Catchy and quirky. The highlight of the album is the guitar driven 'They'll Need A Crane' Now that is a well written song!

Matt McGrath <> (20.12.2002)

The effect used on the guitar in 'Ana Ng' is a "Gate" effect - and it does pretty much what its name suggests. When the gate is opened it allows the input sound in (and thus you hear it) for a specified amount of time and the converse when it is closed. At slower time rates you'd hear a choppy sound.*

Also - this is just one implementation of a Gate effect - there's Gates that allow only a certain frequency of sound in - that is they reject any frequencies from a certain range. This may be what TMBG did for Ana Ng - but in any case I am %100 sure that they used some variation of a Gate, as the liner notes to "Then: The Early Years" mention a computer that was the controller for the gate effect on 'Ana' and 'Mr. Me'.

Finally - Do you think that "Piece of Dirt" sounds kinda Before and After Science era Eno-like?

* A lot of hip hop dj's do this, they call it the transformer - you slide the fader on the turntables back in forth to create a slow gate effect - it sounds like when the "real" Transformers transformed in the cartoon.

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