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The rest of the year was spent on... mmm... different things.

April 30

New review: Cream, Royal Albert Hall London May 2-3-5-6 2005

New review: Elvis Costello, Get Happy!!

April 18

Rewritten old review: Byrds, Fifth Dimension

April 2

We're alive, you know. After a most infuriating March, an album by Manfred Mann I actually like - a lot.

New review: Manfred Mann, Mighty Garvey

MP3 => regular: Brand X, Moroccan Roll

Rewritten old review: Rolling Stones, Aftermath

PS. Sorry for the huge delay, but, well, it just so happened that I started to spend more time writing reviews AND getting tremendously busy at a miriad other duties at the same time. In fact, it's a wonder I actually got around to updating given the hectic pace of this month in my life.

Which brings me to a somewhat sad, but, I believe, inevitable decision: I have to start sacrificing site features if it IS to go on in the first place, and the first and most time-consuming feature to go is reader comments. I do not want to completely rid the site of interactivity, but, honestly, a LOT of time goes into receiving, reading, sorting through, formatting, and posting this stuff, which I simply cannot spare today. (In fact, the main reason for the horrible delay of this update was that I had to go through more than a hundred letters!).

I don't quite understand how I'm going to sort this out in the future, but for the meantime, I have eliminated all the "mail your ideas" links from the reader comment pages, so that the only way to E-mail me is to go through the "certified commentator" link; hopefully this will reduce the flow of completely 'random' bypassers. All the seasoned commentator 'pros' are as welcome to send in their thoughts as usual - for now, at least. I'm really sorry for these measures, but I do hope this will motivate me into updating more regularly, at least.

February 26


New review: Boston, Third Stage

New review: Hollies, Hollies Sing Hollies

Rewritten old review: Hollies, Would You Believe

February 18

A happy marriage between African funk, Australian roots, and, uh, some bubblegum for a change.

New review: Eric Burdon & WAR, Love Is All Around

New review: Peter Gabriel, Long Walk Home

Rewritten old review: Dave Clark Five, Try Too Hard

February 11

A real pointless review for a real pointless live album. Hey, TWO pointless live albums! Okay, so I'm kidding.

New review: The Jam, Dig The New Breed

Rewritten old review: Bob Dylan, Live 1966

February 9

A gift to you from me and Starbucks.

New review: The Rolling Stones, Rarities 1971-2003

January 30

I probably hold the Guinness record for the amount of times I listened to that Daltrey album, and it still only gets a 10.

New review: Roger Daltrey, One Of The Boys

MP3 => regular: Eurythmics, Touch

January 28

Back in business after a long pause, with just one rewritten review... which it took me a month to rewrite, uh-oh.

Rewritten old review: Bob Dylan, Blonde On Blonde

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