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Marlan Hoffman <> (01.09.2001)

Actually, I never really thought the Carpenters did anything bad. Everything they did became good just by being done by "The Carpenters". I guess I just didn't listen in the same way a music critic would have. However, I was pretty young back then and I think of so many wonderful memories of my childhood when I hear Karen sing. <> (05.03.2003)

George you're all wet, one Karen Carpenter nail clipping had more talent then you will ever have, it really makes me happy that the Carpenters were so successful, the people know whats good music thats the reason the Carpenters to date have sold more than 100 million recordings. Guys like you have slammed the Carpenters from day one but no one gives a damn what you think ,you pompous ass,by the way sitting and reading your poorly written diatribe gives me a greater appreciation for the Carpenters.

<> (29.07.2003)

the carpenters did have some pop masterpieces-- 'superstar' is a good example.many people would agree with me.your opinions are purely suggestive like anybody elses.anybody can be a music persons dreck is another persons classic.what one considers unintelligent lyrics,somebody else considers it intelligent.overall,you sound like those moronic,churlish,smug,arrogant,brutal idiots over at rollling stone--who think great songs have to rock and have some kind of political or social message to them.their the ones who constantly overrate the likes of springsteen(who can't sing),madonna(who can't do anything but pretend she's marylin monroe) and prince.i think many of them our just would-be rock or pop stars who are jealous of real talent.i'm glad there are good,objective music review books like amg and the virgin encyclopedia of music.

you also imply that no one could listen to one of their albums from beginning to end.that's interesting--do you know everyone?i could listen to any of their albums from beginning to end,and then listen to any albums from ultravox,donna summer,joy division,acdc,gary wright,timbuk 3,xtc,ramones,john denver,poi dog pondering,crawler,the strawbs,kate bush,garland jeffreys,chic,sonic youth,kraftwerk,gary numan,blue oyster cult,george winston,m,the jam,helen reddy,e.t.c.,from beginning to end.GET-A-CLUE,DUDE!

Joseph Thompson <> (14.11.2005)

Why bother with reviewing them when it seems that you knew they weren't your bag going in? You put great stock behind originality, innovation, and rawness, all of which the Carpenters consciously avoid. While I love their music, I think their insistence on sticking to the easy listening sound was detrimental. There are some songs ("All You Get From Love Is A Love Song" immediately comes to mind) where you can hear Karen's pain and other MOR-unfriendly emotions creep out a bit. I wish they had cut loose and done a pure rock album. It would've predated the White Stripes(who are clearly somewhat influenced by the Carpenters and who I'm surprised you haven't gotten around to reviewing yet) and other modern power-pop duos by a few decades.

Dolf Geldof <> (07.01.2006)

Very interesting to read your Carpenters reviews, it makes clear that music is a very personal thing that people can touch in different ways ( like the string woosh in Someday: ' God forbid anyone nearby actually start paying attention to what it is I'm listening to! ' ) can be a heavenly waterfall for somebody else ( like me, a romantic). Like the lead-singer from a very famous American hardrockband admitting to listen a lot to Frank Sinatra! It takes courage to do that in your own social circles!.

In the 60's I played in a band called "Group 1850" , bit like the early Pink Floyd, bit psycho, see , still I also like totally different music! Especially Karen's voice in most of her ballads is like the voice of an ANGEL to me that goes straight into my heart, that's probably why ' Close To You ' is still the most played song on weddings all over the world, especially in Asia, a continent with a very long rich cultural history with their feel for beauty and very refined and elegant dance-culture etc., makes us look like farmers on wooden shoes ;-) Most of the Carpenters other ( up-tempo) stuff though I don't like at all, rock&roll is played a lot better by people who ROCK! and I think the Carpenters definitely DON'T rock! ( or in some sunday-school-way maybe ;-)

I'm a recording engineer for more than 30 yrs and I appreciate all kinds of music from 50 Ct to Nirvana, Stevie Wonder, Coldplay, Hendrix, Al. Keys, Todd Rundgren, U2, Jamiroquai, Ennio Morricone, Dionne Warwick, Michel LeGrand, Toto, classical stuff etc. etc. and of course Karen Carpenter - The Voice ( like Sinatra ;-)

Wish you all a good 2006!


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Diane Sampson <> (28.02.2001)

Tony Peluso played the guitar solo, not the guy you mentioned.

<> (08.12.2005)

My Aunt Kay, who had an attitude problem, loved the 'Top of the World' song and she tried to force me to enjoy it too. Thanks for dissing the Carpenters. Probably a more appropriate piece of music for my Aunt Kay would have been Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries--it fit her attitude perfectly.


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Glenn Wiener <> (30.07.2001)

First off George, from looking at my record as I write this, Richard Carpenter plays piano on all ten tracks. Although there are an inordinate number of ballads, most of them are pretty and pleasant for me to enjoy this record on an occasional basis. And the title track is a true gem.


Steven Knowlton <> (14.03.2001)

The Carpenters' version of "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" is much better than the original; better production, better playing, and far better singing.

Daniel Shafransky <> (04.04.2001)

The original version of 'Calling occupants' by Klaatu is superior to the Carpenters version. It came off of Klaatus,self titled debut album,and was originally thought that this was the Beatles back together. I can see why Richard was a fan, as it is better produced, better sung and has superior instrumentals. Other top hits by Klaatu are "Knee deep in love" & "I don't want to go home"

Glen Stegner <> (29.07.2002)

The song "B'wana She No Home" is a Michael Franks original -- he is one of the best male jazz vocalists on the planet. His biggest hit was in 1975 with the tongue-in-cheek sexual fetish song "Popsicle Toes." I am a big fan of his, and have almost all of his albums. I couldn't believe when I read on your site that the Carpenters covered one of his songs!


Mike DeFabio <> (29.01.2001)

I, for one, would see nothing wrong with listening to Einsturzende Neubauten at the Christmas table. In fact, I'm suprised at how few Christmas carols have clanging metal percussion and power tools in them. Can't you hear Blixa Bargeld doing "O Holy Night"?

Lionel Maréchal <> (25.06.2004)

Putting on a Motorhead album while sitting at the Chrismas table ? not a bad idea, in fact : actually I saw a picture of Lemmy dressed as Santa Claus ! ! ! Could you imagine a Santa Claus with moles and with a destroyed voice ? the poor children would be terrified when Santa Lemmy asked them "What do you want for Christmas, children ?" as if he were saying "I'm gonna tear ya limb from limb". Yeah, that would be funny.

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