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Rosie Wagenet <> (05.01.2006)

Out of curiosity, I went to google and typed in my name and found myself on your site. It was most interesting. I am a big fan of It's A Beautiful Day, being married to Hal Wagenet, the original guitar player. Your review of the albums was pretty accurate, I almost wholeheartedly agreed on almost all of your points. I loved your comment where you said guitarist Hal Wagenet got a chance to shine. That's my guy!! You gave it a 12.....out of how many points possible? It is too bad that the original players couldn't stay together, they had that unmistable magic as a group, the same that defined the Beatles. They are all fine musicians but without the whole group, the magic just isn't there.


Stefan Puiu <> (09.06.2004)

It seems I'm bound to inaugurate your reader comments section for the IABD band! Anyway, I'm glad you finally got to review them, and I can certainly agree with your characterization of the album. Perhaps it doesn't sound as good after repeated listens, but anyway it's very good for an american hippie band of that time.

And btw, if you listen closely, Deep Purple borrowed not only the chords to "Bombay Calling", but also the start of the violin solo (played on the keyboard by Jon Lord on CiT), a few bars of it at least - so it's a bit more than three notes. I also think that this rip-off is actually *worse* than that done by Page for "Stairway to Heaven", since the chord progression carries the whole "Child in Time" song after all (all improvisations build on it), while the arpeggio in the LZ tune isn't that "essential". Also, Page changed the chord progression in the verse part.


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